Jonas Häggbom

Reg. Real Estate Agent Partner
“”Jonas är mäklaren med det stora hjärtat.””

About me

Jonas Häggbom has worked as a broker since 2007, including 8 successful years at Eklund Stockholm New York. Jonas, a trained economist, started his career as a stockbroker and was also a part-owner of a banking firm for 11 years. He has a solid sports background in sailing where he among other things. won Gotland Runt, SM, NM, EM, World Cup and also participated in the Olympics. As a trained and formerly active coach at national level, Jonas knows the importance of goal setting and a structured plan to achieve his goals. Jonas is a highly appreciated broker by the customers, who through his straightforward and very businesslike way has the ability to lead the processes towards a conclusion where all parties are satisfied. This has over the years rendered in many successful sales with record prices both for tenant-owned apartments in the inner city and attractive villas in ia. Saltsjöbaden, Älgö, Karlsudd and out on Värmdö / Ingarö. Jonas lives in Saltsjöbaden and spends his leisure time with the family in our beautiful archipelago.

Jonas Häggbom

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Our unique customer register, which enables us to communicate with Sweden's most powerful people, is also strengthened by the fact that we are part of Christie's International Real Estate, which is the world's largest network for exclusive homes.

Our contact network allows us to expose the homes we mediate in an outstanding way. Thanks to our contacts, we reach the buyers even when we mediate under complete discretion, without traditional marketing.

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  • Saltsjöbaden - Baggensudden / Nacka
    Vikingavägen 42
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