Henric Falkenberg

Reg. Real Estate Agent Economist Partner
“”Vi vill framföra vårt varmaste tack för ditt fina omhändertagande av försäljningen av vår gård.””

About me

Henric is a specialist in stately homes, but also works with sales of attractive apartments and sea properties in Stockholm's vicinity. Henric grew up on a estatel in Sörmland. He has extensive experience of forest and agriculture and a solid interest in hunting and fishing. In addition to Henric's real estate broker, he has studied economics and art history. He also has several years of practical experience from both a business bank and a leading auction house.

Henric Falkenberg

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Our unique customer register, which enables us to communicate with Sweden's most powerful people, is also strengthened by the fact that we are part of Christie's International Real Estate, which is the world's largest network for exclusive homes.

Our contact network allows us to expose the homes we mediate in an outstanding way. Thanks to our contacts, we reach the buyers even when we mediate under complete discretion, without traditional marketing.

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